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Gail Napora is the creative demigail

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demigail is my working name
as an artist, writer, and photographer.

I live in rural Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, back a gravel road that cuts through a thousand acres of grazing and crop farmland. The woods around our home provide food and shelter for the caterpillars that become more than 23 species of butterflies that I photograph between March and October. I use the photographs to create books, art, and products sold locally and nationally.

If you would like to use the photographs in your office or home, please contact me directly at gail@demigail.com or by telephone 540-901-9297.

My undergraduate degree (in writing) required graphic design, photography, and layout courses. And while I had been taking pictures long before that degree (and ever since) for fun, friends and family, it was a few years ago that I began to actively use my photographs in producing books, bookmarks, notecards, booklets, and DVD's (complete with nature recordings of my woods).

My "design-eye" developed young and has been used in many disciplines beyond photography: table-setting design; clothing and fabri-arts; scrollsawn jewelry, arks, and damsels; dyed scarves; painted sheets as scenery; crafts for summer reading program; public relations brochures; and training and development materials.

It is my pleasure to share this site with you.